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Tugboat Manny started out his Comedy journey on March 19th, of 2013, at one of his lowest points in his life, attending not one, but six Comedy classes in a row at Stand-Up University Comedy School on Long Island.

Tugboat will keep you laughing with his one, two punch style of one liners and do it all clean, without the use of any vulgarity or profanity. Tugboat Manny‘s comedic style is a delightful combination of self-deprecation and clever observations, consisting of original truths about his life, from his Mental Health and physical disabilities, his family, friends and every job that he has ever had, from serving Our Great Country of The United States of America as a former Naval Reservist and a Merchant Mariner; sailing as a deckhand on harbor and ocean going tugboats out of New York harbor – hence his stage name “Tugboat Manny” which perfectly encapsulates his captivating presence on stage.

Tugboat Very Proudly Advocates for Mental Health (as said before, he too suffers with Mental Health disabilities) advocating, both on and off stage, in the Veteran and civilian communities, which he found out at a very young age, long before he even started Comedy, that humor is the best coping skill to help him and others, get through the ups and downs of life.

Tugboat also Proudly Volunteers as the Program Director of Comedy at Project9line; whose mission is Empowering VETERANS with Reintegration through the Arts and Activity, where he Very Proudly teaches the Fine Art of Stand-Up Comedy to other fellow Military Veterans, which in turn not only helps many other Veterans, but also helps Tugboat Manny in so many ways, especially with his own Mental Health Issues!

Tugboat also performs regularly with fellow Military Veterans and he absolutely loves performing for residents at skilled nursing centers, and assisted and senior living residences.

You can also find Tugboat dressing up on the Fourth of July as Uncle Sam and he absolutely loves dressing up as Santa Claus to help spread the holiday cheer and Christmas joy.

His mission is to spread the love, while making as many people as he can smile and laugh (because besides Prozac, laughter is the best medicine)!

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