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  • Manny is terrific in support for veterans and I recommend his class wholeheartedly! Manny really knows comedy!!!

    Peter Bales

  • One of my favorite comedians, not only does he help our veterans by teaching comedy, he is funny as heck. Not many comedians these days do "clean" humor. Because it's not easy. Tugboat Manny is a great guy, super funny, and deserves accolades for his service to the veteran community. If ANYONE deserves to succeed. It's Tugboat Manny.

    Chris Andrews

  • Had the pleasure last Wednesday seeing Tugboat Manny and two other comedians at LA BUSSOLA in Glen Cove.. Food was great!! Tugboat Manny and the other comedians lit it up... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, if you haven't seen tugboat Manny don't walk run... Definitely book the next time he has a restaurant comedy special …Big thank you for everything you do Helping and teaching our veterans with project 9 comedy

  • Tugboat Manny has been a great teacher of Comedy at Project9Line! He did a hell of a job Hosting the Showcase on Friday, June 3rd @ VFW Post 433! Manny is an absolute animal! I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a lethal and versatile comedian!

    Daniel Pereira Reis

  • Tugboat Manny you were fantastic not only at the Eagles, but at Off The Hook Comedy Club too. I encourage anybody who has the opportunity to see Manny perform live, go don't hesitate, he is tremendously funny and a genuinely good man! Thank you so much for what you did for us at the Eagles club in Golden Gate Naples, Florida, last night! We truly appreciate you!

    Jim Dunnigan

  • Having been lucky enough to have been taught and performed with Manny, I highly suggest seeing him at one of his shows. He is real genuine and very funny.

    John Allan

  • Really enjoyed your show the other night. Hope you will be very successful. Your routine was so enjoyable because it was good, clean comedy. I'm not a prude by any means but I don't feel you have to use profanity or constantly repeat the "f-"word to be funny. Some people say"that's just New Yorkers" and I know for a fact it isn't. Keep up the good work and hope you have a safe trip home. Hope you will perform in Naples again!!

    Ruth Buls Stirling

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